Membership FAQs

How can I join SFCAMFT or renew my membership?
You can join or renew online. In addition to creating a member profile, you can also create a clinician profile for inclusion in the public online therapist directory.  

What are the membership levels?
There are four levels:

  1. Full Clinical Member – an individual who possesses a valid LMFT license
  2. Pre-Licensed and Student Member – an individual who is registered as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist or an individual who is a student and/or in a practicum but not yet registered as an Associate.
  3. Associate Professional – an individual who is licensed in a related clinical field, such as an LPCC, LCSW, or Psychologist.
  4. Affiliate Professional— an individual who holds a license, certification or registration as a CADAC, RN or MD


What does membership cost? How do I pay?
Annual dues for membership are $75 for Clinical, Associate, and Affiliate Members and $40 for pre-licensed members. You can pay online with a credit card or by check.


How does renewal work? Can I renew at any time?
The membership year is concurrent with the calendar year, January – December. The membership drive starts October 1st. Dues received from January 1st – September 30th are applied for the current calendar year. Dues received October 1st – December 31st are applied to the following calendar year. You have until February 1st to renew your membership and avoid lapsing.


Do I have to be a member of the state CAMFT to be a member of SFCAMFT?
Yes, state CAMFT requires membership as a prerequisite for local chapter membership for all levels except for Affiliate Members.


I just got licensed. How do I change my membership level?
Once you are licensed you can change your membership level in your profile. You do not have to pay additional membership dues when you change levels.


How does the ListServ work?
The SFCAMFT listserv is one of the Chapter’s most valuable resources. Members may post a message that will be delivered via email to all the members of the listserv. It is used to share practice-related information, such as office space needed/for rent, referrals, workshops and groups, employment and internship/practicum opportunities, etc.

As a member of the chapter, you can join the list by accessing the “Listserv Settings” page under “My Profile”.

To post to the listserv, send your message to In order to prevent bounces, make sure your email is set up to recognize messages from as not SPAM.

If you visit, you can:

  • Modify your subscription to receive emails in real-time or daily digests
  • Use the search function to look at past messages
  • Post new messages or respond to others



Do use the list to post the following:

  • Group therapy announcements/openings.
  • Consultation groups.
  • Referrals needed.
  • Name, address or email changes.
  • Workshops, lectures with MFT content.
  • Consultation, legal and ethical issues that are related to the MFT field.

Do Not use the listserv to post the following:

  • Advertisements for your private practice.
  • Political messages.
  • Non-MFT oriented content of any kind.
  • Virus or other technical notification.

If you have problems with the listserv, please contact Pavi Sandhu at