Membership FAQs

How can I join SFCAMFT or renew my membership?

You can join or renew online. In addition to creating a member profile, you can also create a clinician profile for inclusion in the public online therapist directory.


What are the membership levels?

There are four levels:

  1. Licensed clinician – an individual who possesses a valid LMFT license
  2. Associate – an individual who is registered as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
  3. Trainee/Student – an individual who is a student and/or in a practicum but not yet registered as an intern.
  4. Affiliate – a provider such as an LCSW, psychologist, attorney, etc.


What does membership cost? How do I pay?

Annual dues for membership are $60 for licensed professionals and affiliate professionals and $40 for pre-licensed clinicians. You can pay online with a credit card or by check.


How does renewal work? Can I renew at any time?

The membership year is concurrent with the calendar year, January – December. The membership drive starts October 1st. Dues received from January 1st – September 30th are applied for the current calendar year. Dues received October 1st – December 31st are applied to the following calendar year. You have until February 1st to renew your membership and avoid lapsing.


Do I have to be a member of the state CAMFT to be a member of SFCAMFT?

Yes, state CAMFT requires membership as a prerequisite for membership in local chapters such as SFCAMFT. The exception are affiliate professionals.


I just got licensed. How do I change my membership level?

Once you are licensed you can change your membership level in your profile. You do not have to pay additional membership dues when you change levels.