Beth Ohanneson

Beth Ohanneson

Email Address

Phone 415-564-0782

Organization SIKidSF and Hand in Hand Parenting

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License and Education

License Type Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

License Number 29187

Degrees M.S., RN

Phone 415-564-0782

Short Description Individual, Adult Psychotherapy and Parent Consultation. Specializing in work with parents whose have children with sensory processing and learning differences.

Description Relationally oriented, psychoanalytically informed parent consultation for families of young and school age children struggling with prolonged emotional outbursts, executive functioning development, aggressive behaviors and emotional withdrawal. Hand in Hand - Parenting by Connection Certified Instructor offering tools for parents tailored for their families needs.

Office Location(s)

Office Location(s) Laurel Heights

City San Francisco

State CA

Phone 415-564-0782


Sliding Scale no

Fee Range $320.00/75 minute session

Credit Cards Accepted no

Areas of Specialization

Specializations Learning Disabilities, Parenting, Relationships

Other Parenting children w sensory processing differences for development of secure attachment regarding relationship formation

Client Types

Clients Individual Adults, Groups

Clinical Orientation

Orientation Object Relations Therapy, Psychoanalytic Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy

Other Orientation Hand in Hand - Parenting by Connection


Insurance - Will provide superbill for PPO insurance

Therapy Groups Offered

Groups Parenting/Step-Parenting

Other Group(s) Groups for Parents of Children with Sensory Processing Differences

Group Description The HOW TO of being a GOOD ENOUGH PARENT....Because parenting is much harder than we thought it would be! Groups are structured. 6 person limit. 6 week format. Goal: to decrease parent isolation and increase parent confidence with (1 )support for the important work of parenting, and (2) concrete strategy for how to build secure attachment. 5 relationally based tools are offered to help parents plan their responses for any curcimstance. Each perent, each session has uninterupted, individual time to talk. Additionally, parents learn and experiement with the 5 tools at home, report results, ask questions, dicuss concerns.

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