Below is a list of contacts for specific roles within the chapter. If you are not sure who to contact regarding your query, please use the general contact form below. We will do our best to connect your to the right person.

Board President: Michelle Leao

Past President: Carrie Johnson

President Elect :

Vice President: 

Treasurer (Acting Treasurer): Carrie Johnson 

Secretary: Therese Yrani

Program Chair: Kristy Noryko

Membership Chair: Andrew Kushnick

Outreach Chair Tamara Tammaro

Diversity Chair: Cindy Shu

Director at Large: Abby Thompson

Director at Large: Pavi Sandhu

Newly Licensed Support Chair: Noa Hamiel

Newsletter Editor: Abby Thompson

Listserv/Slack Coordinator Pavi Sandhu

Webmaster: Marni Sweetland

Social Chair: Abigail Kira

Volunteer Coordinator: Therese Yrani

Mentor Program ChairAndrew Kushnick

Pre-licensed Support Chair: Paul Zager

You can email us using the form below. If you would like to call us or correspond via mail, please note we check voicemail and our mailbox once a week.

1032 Irving Street, Box 441
San Francisco CA 94122-2200
(415) 273-1954

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